Mike Freedman

Alto Saxophone and band doctor

Andy Granowitz

Piano and funny faces

Gene Goldstein-Plesser

Accordion and chanting

About Us

One of the Bay Area's most infamous klezmer bands, Boyz II Mensch has a reputation for delivering their unique blend of traditional melodies and Klezmer-style pop covers with more than your average serving of soul.

Or maybe, we're just three nice Jewish boys who like to get together in living rooms and play music until the neighbors bang on the ceiling.

Book us for your...thing! We play for latkes, money, and hugs.

Boyz II Mensch

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The Mission (Fiddler on the Roof parody)

Ale Brider


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Photo Gallery

All 11/8 concert photos by juliagraphy.com.

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"Your band manager's opening set the tone. Hilarious. You couldn't have a better lead singer/crowd pleaser/joke teller/Mick Jagger than Gene. The sax, piano interplays are incredible. Watching Andy dance around the piano while making full eye contact with Mike is unreal. It seemed like he wasn't even playing. Mike blows us away--enough said. The jokes were great, the variety of styles keep it engaging. I, like all others in the room, were beckoning for MORE, MORE, MORE!"

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Contact info. Let's talk!

Whether you want to book us or just say hi, send us an email at BoyzIIMensch@gmail.com